Origins is an open-access carbon sequestration hub, providing decarbonization opportunities for large emitters throughout Alberta.

Enhance Energy is excited to engage with emitters who are considering connecting into the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line Project infrastructure and the Origins hub to permanently sequester their emissions.

What we need to understand your project and begin a carbon management relationship?

What is the source of your CO2 and where are you located?

How much CO2 will you be capturing, transporting, and sequestering each year?
When will you be ready to provide CO2 for sequestration?

As we start to work together, we will go through the following steps:


Initial project development meeting.


Confidentiality agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding.


Execution of a CO2 transportation and sequestration agreement.

For more information on working with Origins, please contact:
Chris Kupchenko, Director, Corporate Development

You can find more information about carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration in the Province of Alberta through the Government of Alberta’s CCUS page: