We’re Enhance Energy,
and we’re passionate about creating a
collaborative solution for sustainable energy.

Enhance Energy is an Alberta-based carbon management company with extensive experience in the planning and implementation of large-scale carbon capture and utilization projects (CCS) that permanently sequester CO2 emissions.

We are proud to be proposing the Origins CCS hub in Central Alberta to the Government of Alberta. Enhance has the experience and the knowhow to make project happen.

Sequestering Canada’s COat Scale 

We are currently sequestering one quarter of all of Canada’s captured CO2 through the Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) Project. Origins has the potential to benefit the entire CO2 ecosystem.

A proven track record in reservoir development

Enhance Energy and its partners conceived and developed the ACTL Project . The Northwest Redwater Partnership and Nutrien capture their emissions, Wolf Carbon Solutions operates the ACTL pipeline, and Enhance Energy sequesters the emissions. This collaboration managed the project through community engagement, regulatory coordination, financing, execution, and commissioning. We know this business.

Our reservoir and development team designed, drilled, and operated multiple CO2 injection wells and infrastructure at Clive, Alberta and maintain detailed geological and reservoir simulation models to predict in situ CO2 movements and plan future capital activity.

The Clive project: a project like no other

At the Clive Enhance Oil Recovery project, Enhance is operating one of two publicly available measurement, monitoring, and verification (MMV) programs and the only one approved to accommodate CO2 from multiple sources.

As the only organization in Alberta managing a multiple-source, single sink sequestration operation, we have the experience and qualifications to build and manage a robust Measurement Monitoring and Verification (MMV) plan for the Origins Project.


Deep experience

Members of the Enhance team have contributed to nearly every major CO2 project in Canada, including:
  • The Alberta Carbon Trunk Line (ACTL) Project
  • Weyburn and Midale CO2 EOR project
  • Joffre Viking CO2 EOR project
  • Quest CCS project
  • Wabamun Area Sequestration Project (WASP)
  • Harmattan Gas Plant CO2 capture
  • Three unique CO2 injection pilot programs in Alberta