Carbon Capture and Sequestration:
the pathway to net zero

Enhance Energy has plans to develop a scalable carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) project in Central Alberta. The proposed project will result in a meaningful reduction in industrial emissions through the capture and permanent sequestration of CO2.

Origins will be an open-access, cost-efficient CO2 sequestration hub that will support Alberta’s target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

Enhance proudly supports the government’s goals of developing CCS projects that reduce emissions and kickstart emerging investment opportunities. Enhance looks forward to continuing to be part of the solutions that will meet our environmental and economic goals.

Enhance Energy estimates that up to 20 million tonnes per year of CO2 can be captured, transported, and permanently sequestered in Central Alberta by collaborating with companies across the province. With the global scale of CCS today being 40 million tonnes per year, our project will become one of the largest CCS initiatives worldwide.
“We are thrilled to be proposing this venture that has the potential to attract substantial new industries to Alberta’s industrial centers while providing a safe, secure, and certain solution for emissions mitigation” says Kevin Jabusch, President of Enhance Energy.

“This has the potential to take 20 million tonnes of CO2 out of our atmosphere annually. That would be a monumental accomplishment.”

Sequestering CO2 from a range of industries

Origins will be connected to the Alberta Industrial Heartland and additional integrated emissions sources along the Highway 2 Corridor from central and southern Alberta. This project will manage CO2 from hard-to-abate industries such as cement production, power generation, and petrochemical processing.

Supporting Canada’s vision for emissions reduction through sequestration

Origins maintains the vision that the provincial and federal governments had with their support of the ACTL Project — ensuring that this foundational carbon management infrastructure is utilized to its full capacity. With experience permanently sequestering over 2 million tonnes of CO2 , Enhance brings expertise operating one of Canada’s key carbon management projects.

Origins can provide long term sequestration capacity and certainty for new and existing CO2 streams, to ensure they continue to be kept out of our atmosphere for decades to come.